Ladies in ROMUṠE are a selection of outstanding women from different fields of achievements including the arts, business, fashion, literature and science.

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Hanane El Moutii

Ladies in ROMUṠE series. Inspiring women:
@hanane.elmoutii Founder and CEO of Éclat Public Relations Los Angeles, captured in our Signature Sensory Cashmere Silk Bodysuit.

Hanane embraces timeless elegance to elevate her well-loved, everyday outfits.

Camilla Gabrieli

A special introduction to our ‘Ladies in ROMUṠE series. Inspiring women:
@camillagabrielicaptured in our Fiamma Silk Bralette.

Camilla Gabrieli Italian Luxury shoe designer. Blurring the line between shoes and jewelry, Camilla’s collections are crafted to obsessive perfection, a true complement for ROMUṠE wardrobe.
Camilla embodies the spirit of ROMUṠE; the innate elegance of “made in Italy” combined with the merit of Italian craftsmanship.